Most policy makers and leaders in our country today have antecedent as student leaders while on
campus. Can we say their experience, performance, productivity as leaders on campus formed the
foundation with which they are doing governance today?

Many institutions saddled with the responsibility to educate and raise innovative youths who would
be great leaders in various sectors in our nation are in deplorable conditions of infrastructure poor
environment and outdated curriculums hence churning out unemployable graduates and
unprepared leaders. This has come to play due to corruption, inadequate funding by Government
and negligence by Institution’s Management among others.

Nigerian higher institutions in recent times has also been noted for disruptions in academic
calendars, death of students, violence, theft, cultism, drug abuse and destruction of existing
facilities, due to the unskilful way the student leaders attend to issues that bother them, while some
have been silenced or politicized. This is a negative signal for the future of this country!

These Students’ leaders have the platform and mandate to strategically engage stakeholders in the
educational sector and advocate for improved funding and better infrastructures in their Institution
but lack of effective capacity and skills among elected student leaders has hindered them from
carrying out this assignment effectively.

A huge responsibility therefore lies on us who have been through this path before, having learnt
our lessons and attained a transformed life to equip elected student leaders of today who might be
leaders of our great country tomorrow.
This is the primary goal that we are geared to achieve with SLEDT by engaging multi-institutional
Student leaders under the auspices of this initiative, we will inspire new leadership traits through
trainings that will revive passionate Student leaders, best-practice sharing and challenge them with
carefully designed training and tournament to be facilitated by personalities with Transformed